IrregularStuff - Academic

IrregularStuff Academic was designed specifically for schools and teachers of English as a second language.

Its main objective is to help students learn, remember , and test their knowledge of English irregular verbs.

IrregularStuff Academic contains all the features of IrregularStuff Standard,PLUS the following :

  • it is distributed as a site license. Not only can the school install the software on all computers within the school that are accessible to teachers and / or students, but schools  / teachers can also  hand the accompanying Student version for students to study at home ! This student version is the quivalent to the standard version, except it's free for students to use at home !
  • IrregularStuff Academic has a unique feature for teachers : the ability to create an electronic test of English irregular verbs and submit it to the class ! After creating / importing a list of students in the program, teachers can build an entirely customizable test , have their students take the test in the school's computer room , save / print the results ( which are displayed in a clear spreadsheet for each class) , then include the test results in each student's term assesment ! All this will be done via a simple program called AcadTest Manager , that's included in the license.

  • Built-in safety measures ( password , randomization... ) ensure that teachers or the Shool Network Administrator can determine what should be accessible to students and what shouldn't

  • For teachers not familiar with using compuers in their teaching , a thorough step-by-step tutorial will guide them through creating their customized tests in             no time ! You can download the User Guide ( containing the Tutorial )  here.

  • Teachers will benefit from full 24h email support

You can download a fully-functional demo version of the program here !

To purchase a license please click contact us. Click here.