IrregularStuff - Standard

GREAT NEWS !  IrregularStuff Standard   has been replaced by  IrregularStuff Academic - Student module which is now entirely free to use  ! IrregularStuff Academic - Student is part of IrregularStuff -  Academic Suite. For more info click here.

IrregularStuff Academic - Student module lets students  learn and practise English irregular verbs in a fun way !!

The program comprises 314 verbs , so learning them will also be a nice opportunity for you to learn new vocabulary !

Features :

  • three difficulty levels  ( three different verb lists ) depending on your grade or objectives :

beginner ( 100 verbs ) /lower intermediate ( 200 verbs ) / upper intermediate or advanced
( 314 verbs )

  • pre-set practise mode : lets you practise while giving you hints to help you find the correct conjugation
  • pre-set test mode : test your knowledge the hard way ! One try , no more!
  • custom test : build your own personal test and choose which verbs to include ! Many parameters available to help you tailor your test to your skills !
  • the pronunciation of all verbs and conjugations is included of course
  • detailed manual to help you navigate inside the program !
  • a typical test goes like this : you're given a verb in FRENCH and you must write down its translation in ENGLISH as welll as the preterite and /or the past participle form.
  • print your conjugation tables

AND REMEMBER : the Student Module is now entirely free !