my notebook speaks  is a podcast for English as a Second Language pupils  at beginner level.

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A podcast is like a radio programme  with an edge : you can  subscribe to it and listen to each "episode" at your convenience !You'll be able to download the podcast to your computer or listen to it live. Your podcast reader ( your browser, ITUNES , or a dedicated reader ) will automatically add any new programmes / episodes to your subscription , which is of course FREE ;)

 I've decided to go for a bilingual podcast ( English / french )  to help you understand more easily...

Here's how you can subscribe : ( choose the method that suits you best )

  1. ITUNES.  Just click the icon to subscribe !
  2. INTERNET EXPLORER : ( version 7.0 , for earlier versions see 2. and 3. below )

Type the following  address of the podcast in IE7's  address bar  :

OR simply click on this icon :

It should look like this :

IE 7 will detect that the address points to a "feed"  (i.e the podcast ) and display options for you to subscribe. That's it ! Later you can set up IE7 to display the feeds to which you have subscribed  so that you can easily access all programmes.

  1. MOZILLA FIREFOX ( version 2.0 +)

    Mozilla firefox browser  will automatically display  the following icon :  and allow you to subscribe ! See below for an example in the firefox browser. Just click on the icon for subscription options !

HOWEVER, there's an issue with this browser : it will let you subscribe but will only  display the written part of the podcast ( the text description ) but NOT  the  mp3 file  ( which is the actual content of the podcast ! ) so if you have this browser I recommend the other alternatives : 

  1. download a podcast reader on your computer ( there are plenty of them  , personally I use ziepod )  ,then, once installed , use it to subscribe to my podcast by entering the "address" for the podcast : ( see below ) 


The current episode is : ID CARD /  How to introduce oneself and ones's family.

You can even listen to it NOW by clicking below !