Collège ( France ) NIVEAU 6 ème  / LEVEL A1 - A2( European Framework  )

What time is it ? start here !  ( test upadted ! test mis à jour


Collège ( France ) NIVEAU 5 ème  / LEVEL A2 ( European Framework  )



Collège ( France ) NIVEAU 4 ème  / LEVEL A2  - B1 ( European Framework  )

present perfect - start here !


Collège ( France ) NIVEAU 3 ème  / LEVEL B1 ( European Framework  )


Please note that for safety reasons, your browser will ask for confirmation to run the test even after installing the plugin.

So you will see a message like this one : ( capture from IE 7 )


activeX info

In the capture above, you're invited to click within the yellow message to select the option to grant or deny permission to run the plugin.
Granting permission will let you display the test correctly.


At the end of a test,(  or at the end of a section of a test )  you will be given the opportunity to eamil a full report to an email address.. Enjoy !



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