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LATEST NEWS!  !  IrregularStuff Academic : the Student module is now free to use for everyone !

Click here to download it now

Also ,ESL  teachers and school IT administrators can download and install a fully functional demo of IrregularStuff Academic.  Click here to download it now  For more info on this software, check this page here.


And remember that you can still try our  online tests of English  ! Practise your English online and save the results via email.   To get started , check the navigation bar to the left.

Welcome to IrregularStuff ! This educational website aims at providing YOU (  parents, teachers of English as a second language, students of course ) with handy and efficient tools ( via software downloads) to improve the end-user's ability to communicate in English.

You'll find that all tools are either abolutely FREE , or that a free version of them exists !

As for the versions of our tools for which you're asked to purchase a license :

  • standard versions were designed for individuals ( anybody who wants to practise on their PC at home) ...)they're very very cheap !!
  • Academic versions were designed for schools and teaching institutions.  They provide robust and invaluable features and can be installed on every PC within the school while students and teachers of the licensed school can install special versions for use at home for FREE.
Getting money for these licenses helps us in developing more powerful tools and keeping this website up and running !


Here's the list of available tools  :

  • IrregularStuff lets  you practise your knowledge of English irregular verbs.

It comes in three versions : Academic ( for schools and teaching centers ) ,  standard ...and free of course ! Just click on the links or use the menu to the left for additional information.
  • Hearsay Lab lets you learn about and practise the phonetics alphabet in English which will help you develop and dramatically improve your pronunciation skills ! Best of all the  current version ( 1.0 )  is  FREE ! Click here for more information or just download it right now !

  • Exomaker   will let teachers  build  various sorts of   activities for their
 students to practise their four basic skills : listening, speaking, reading, writing.


So you just have to select a tool in the list to the top left and here you go !! Have fun !

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